This week’s premieres with subs by STS

Harvard scientist Robert Langdon is back, and this time he has to regain his memory in order to save the world from a pandemic!

Oasis: Supersonic is the the story of how two constantly bickering mancunian brothers formed a band, turned it into a global mega-succes in three years and parted ways leaving behind a legacy of songs that are still heard  during laddish piss-ups and lock-ins at pubs to this day. Do you know what I mean, la?



All of a sudden we felt a disturbance in the Force. As if millions of people cried out for joy and were suddenly gobsmacked by the sheer awesomeness of the fact that Henrik Thøgersen won the Subtitler of the Year Award 2016. Needless to say we could not be happier for him here at the office. Yay!

Café Society

This week is Woody Allen week, and we did the subs for this elegant, funny and touching tale from Hollywod of yore.